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DATA SUKAN Inspires to bring Malaysia unto it’s rightful place on the world sporting stage. Data Sukan was a startup founded in 2019 via the major aspiration to add global values to become one of the key National Assets particularly in the Sport Industry.

The biggest stakeholder in Sport are you and us, the Fans. Unity is best described and demonstrated through sports. Our data collection and realization initiatives will lead to the culmination of sporting advancement, hand in hand with the country’s efforts to usher in technological and economic development through sports.

Re-energize as a Game Changer.

The Vision

To assist our country to rise as an Asian Tiger and sporting powerhouse in Asia through holistic Digitalization embedment

The Mission

To be the leading hub in digital sports, where data are transformed to information into new insights to deliver positive outcomes in sports performance enhancement.

You’re in Experienced Hands

Our talented team of experts bespoke solutions, cost-effective, sports loving consultant coupled with friendly customer service, will ensure you receive the best possible sports data experience.

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